Happy Mother’s Day – Cancer Stinks

Happy Mother’s Day – Cancer Stinks.

Cancer took my mother when I was nineteen
She was only 54
I moved out a few months after
Couldn’t take my Dad anymore
In less than a year I had a wife and a baby
Working in a steel mill that can make you crazy
And the clock kept ticking
Cancer put a mark on me when I was 57
That (fill in the blank) tried to send me to Heaven
It didn’t win – I’m still here – but this isn’t about me
And I’m really tired of what I’m seeing on TV
It’s about living for each other, especially your Mother
You only get one – I wish mine was still here
So don’t treat her like a cancer or wish she’d disappear
Love your mother and that’s more than saying the word
Love is an action that speaks louder than what’s heard.
You’ll probably never hear me in church
You may not care what I say
Cancer stinks and that’s a fact
Don’t let it take away. Happy Mother’s Day.

Give the children a chance, give to St Jude’s Hospital today


I Remember You

I’ve been here before – I’ll be here some more

A need to be near – Or just shed a tear

I try to recall – A piece of it all

And sometimes I try – But I just can’t cry

I’m here, I’m not there – And it’s just not fair

Until I recall – a piece of it all

And I remember – I remember you

And I remember – Things we used to do

I’m there, I’m not here

And I remember – I remember you

I remember me

I’ve been here before – I’ll be back for more

And I’ll remember