“Surrounded by His love” Poetic devotions

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Thank you to those who have been following my blog and welcome, to those who are just viewing for the first time.
My book “Surrounded by His Love” is available to anyone who would like to have it shipped to them, by using the link below.
The book is 150 pages. Thank you and if you find this book inspiring, please tell your friends. Help me spread the message of love.

About this book

The essence of this book is the focus on the love of God that surrounds us. With your heart and mind set on the love that is around you, the lies that confound you are dispelled.
Inspired by the Holy Spirit, these writings are all about God’s Love and are Mark’s gift back to the One who first loved us. Within this book you’ll find writings similar to the Psalms
and also find it can be used as a devotional.
With personal verses written to God, for and about God, this book spans twenty years of Mark’s spiritual walk through life with Him.

There are also brief insights describing what Godly loving and living is, that you may find helpful with the daily trials of life that you may be facing, as well as with your spiritual journey.
We are “Surrounded by His Love” not by enemies. We are not captives – we have been freed.

Scripture footnotes have been added to each writing, opening up a much broader understanding of their contents. The rhythm, rhyme and brevity of these writings will allow you to absorb the heart and healing of the messages.
The layout of the book is truly a love concordance as well as an interactive scripture guide for the reader to meditate on and to write their own affirmations and thoughts of love.
Because Mark carries the song of the Lord in his heart, most of the writings have melodies within them. If you listen carefully in your spirit, you will also hear the love of God resonating within your heart as you read them. You may find yourself singing them.

This book is prefaced with “Seeds of Love” which are small pieces from within this book, to plant within your heart.