What part of your house do people see

They drive by a house in their expensive car, gazing at the beauty of  the slate roof, the spotless sandy brick, the paned custom windows and the  red steel door – polished like their car, faced with a brass framed, leaded glass storm door.  They comment  to each other about the wealthy appeal of  the home and keep on driving. Did they see the gutters? No.. Did they even think that without them, there would be water spots and paint stains running all the way down the house and the garden in the front would have a trench from the water that eroded it, from a lack of direction? No..  The least expensive, most ignored part of the house, keeps it looking the best. Some people only notice the best, rather than the source of its preservation. Gutters collect and direct the abundance of rain that gathers at the top,down the spout and out into the world.
We can learn from the gutters, in that we should also pour out the abundance that God pours upon us – out into the world, even when we’re at the top. The effect of  not collecting and directing this abundance poured upon us, will only bring the erosion of our purpose here. Maintaining continuous flow and direction, eliminates clogs and blocks.

Are people only seeing the good parts of your house or the parts of your house that are doing good.  Don’t idolize your parts – utilize them.

Your body (house) is a temple of the living God and from you will pour rivers of living water.      (1 Corinthians 6:19 – 2 Corinthians 6:16 – John 7:38 –  Isaiah 58:11)


Reigning Spirit

Raining today – not to worry – Lord You reign

Hearing in my spirit – like rain drops

Evil cannot permeate me – it ricochets

The Holy Spirit conforms like a gel

I’m absorbing all the spirit brings

It permeates me deep within

Thoughts that need to stay

No more passing – heartless words

No winds of doctrine I’ve already heard

The Spirit lingers – the words fall away

Things I don’t hear, seem to stay

The Spirit speaks in a permanent way

Inhabiting my heart – not fading away

I’m surrounded and I know it

No need for show and tell

When you reach this place – you just know

An instant reality of His image upon  you

Then your life changes

When you’ve finally found God to be

More than you think you are

Conforming like a gel

Absorbing all that His Spirit brings

You will know – when your heart sings

Raining today – not to worry – Lord, You reign

Let it rain – let it rain – permeate me

Faithfulness and Fruitfulness

You send the rain

You give the sun

Blossoms open from your light

Fruit comes from within your flower

Created by your love and power

Fruitfulness from Holiness

Faithfulness and nothing less

I’m opened by your light

I feel your love and power

Let your fruit come forth

From this open flower

And the seed that brings even more

A seed that’s sprouted  with roots down deep

The tree growing and showing its leaves

Faith waters it  – fruit grows from it

Time ripens it-I live from it

Faith brings the fruit that brings more faith

Faithfulness and fruitfulness

From one tree

Rain on me again

Thanking God for bringing me from this place of dryness, one year ago when He rained His mercy on me.

My tears are falling like the rain

and Lord I know You reign

So let your mercy rain upon me

Let me bloom as a flower again

Lord, it’s all in the power you send

Love of God, rain on me again

Turn my mourning into dancing

In the morning I will dance

Through the night while I was sleeping

You showed me your romance

Now your rain is dancing on me

With all my tears, you’ve set me free

Tears of joy, could nearly drown me

For again you’ve rained on me

Tears of mercy, like a rainstorm

You’ve rained on me again

Farewell to Spring a reflection of a 2009 Psalmistry

I’m reflecting on writings from this day last year:

The rain is still  falling, it’s been raining a lot this Spring. I love the rain. For me, there is something deeply spiritual and Holy about it. The coolness on my face, the soft sounds in my ears. Rain is such a marvelous blessing from God.  He conducts the rain’s symphony.

“Symphony of the rain”

When I feel the rain upon my face

I feel Your mercy and Your grace

As the rain falls all around me

The countless sounds surround me

The sound of the rain’s symphony

Lord, it’s Your majesty

The leaves of the trees become instruments

As the raindrops play their song

A melody from Heaven, rains on and on and on

The softest song I’ve ever heard

Rain falling through the trees

Unlike a song you can only hear

God lets this song be seen

The drops of rain that sound surreal

A song that Heaven lets me feel

As the rain falls all around me

The countless music surrounds me

The sound of the rain’s symphony

Lord, Your melody rains upon me

The most beautiful love song