A Train Went By

“A Train Went By”            Mark Ettinger


It was early September when I first saw Amber – standing along a dirt  road

A soft breeze was blowing – the  clouds were  all glowing  – Her hair was tied up in a bow

It couldn’t be clearer – I had to be near her

So I took a great step of faith

I walked up beside her and her eyes were brighter

Than the sun that shined on her face


And the birds flew through the air

As the wind blew through her hair

So I moved  the hair from her eye

And a train went by


My heart was romancing and I thought of dancing

So I asked if she’d like to go

She started swaying with no music playing

Twirling around nice and slow

Then we moved together and I thought – forever

When she looked deep into my eyes

She told me  she’d love to

And I thought – I love you

From then on I was mesmerized




The whole town was talking – while we were out walking

They all said that we’re such a sight

The people were betting – that there’d  be a wedding

Turned out the people were right

It wasn’t much longer – that our  love was stronger

That  nothing could  keep us apart

Without hesitation – I asked  her  the question

And that day she gave  me her  heart


As  her words caressed my ears

My eyes were filled with  tears

So  she wiped a tear from my eye

And a train went by


And the clouds were drifting by

The clouds that paint the blue sky

And I felt  like I could fly

And a train went by

As the birds flew through the air

And the wind blew through her hair

As I moved  the hair from her eye

A  train went by – a train went by.



It’s time to listen for a whisper

Are you listening?

Have you ever heard in your spirit, the Lord asking you a question?  How did you respond?

We know that He already knows the answer before He asks the question.

To me, this means that God is seeking the answer within our heart, though not

for Him to hear, but for us to hear our own heart before God.

Elijah, the great prophet of God, became fearful for his life and hid away. He had forgotten his

protector and as it sounds to me, he became anxious and depressed.

He fell victim to his own flesh, and like Peter, who “looked down at the water” started to sink..

He wanted God to let him die, but God had more for him. Elijah was then awakened by an Angel of the Lord who reassured him:

“You’re not finished yet.He traveled forty days to the mountain of the Lord on one meal the Angel had given him .

Once there and hidden in a cave, the Lord asks Elijah:

“What are you doing here?” Then Elijah, letting go of his “prophetic reigns” and caving in to his weakened flesh, says:

“I’m looking for You, because I am alone and useless and they are going to kill me.”

God said to him: “Come out here – the Lord is going to pass by.”

The Lord shows His power in wind, quake and fire,  but Elijah  doesn’t respond to it . He’s intimidated.

The Lord then speaks to him in a still, small voice and Elijah humbles himself and comes out of the cave.

The spirit is strong, but the flesh is weak. Elijah had lost touch with his spirit and was weak in his flesh, but God didn’t lose touch with him..

God didn’t chasten him either.  He still provided for him and guided him. I believe that God tried to revive Elijah by showing His power to him,

but Elijah was anxious and afraid.  Even though Elijah had become weak, God was still able to use him again and even answer the  plea of  his heart.

God knows that in our flesh and emotion ,we can fear such a show of power.

So God, in His Love, whispers to us, so we must draw near to Him and hear His still, small voice.

 Have you ever felt useless or alone? God is still with you.

Have you ever felt like you want to die? God is still with you.

When you feel like this, don’t allow lying, deceiving  spirits to dissuade  you.

Persevere, God is still with you.

Submit yourself to God, resist the devil and he will flee. Raise up a standard against the enemy and proclaim:

“God has a use for me- even in my weakness.” If you’re not sure what it is, ask God to show you.

Don’t  wait for the power of God to come like a mighty wind, earthquake or blazing fire – reviving you and knocking you down.

It’s time to listen for a whisper….that still-small voice that

causes you to draw near to Him, so He may draw near to you..

Read the following verses that God inspired me to write, concerning Elijah and me.

“In a whisper”                  1 Kings 19:11

God spoke – to Elijah in a whisper

Not by wind – not by fire – in a whisper

He will   lead you by still water

Follow Him – trust in Him – you will see

Jesus calmed the stormy water

With His voice- Peace be still – Peace be still

Are you listening for a whisper

Just draw near- near to Him -you will hear

Hearing Him- not the wind- in a whisper

Listen for a whisper

A voice that draws you near

Move a little closer

Closer so you hear

You won’t hear crashing thunder

Or see a blazing flame

Only Holy Passion

When Jesus says your name

In a whisper- In a whisper

Love of God – calling you

In a whisper

Not by wind – not by fire

In a whisper

Peace be still

In a whisper – In a whisper

Are you listening?

Back to the Garden

We have all been  planted in God’s garden here on Earth.  His garden has been the same for generations and will be for generations to come.

We can spend our time waiting for the rain to fall or we can dig our roots deep into the fertile soil that God has put us in.

There is water in the depths that will make us grow –  go deeper.  Enjoy your time here.

Listen  to God’s birds sing – they’ll sing to you for free.

Listen to the wind , blowing through the trees –  they play a song for you.

Listen to the joy and innocence of children playing – they’ll play with you.


Spend some time away from the television or computer screen and sit and watch the Sun set. Wake up early and watch the Sun rise.

Rest in the faith and joy that the Sun will rise again tomorrow, in God’s garden, where the Son has risen.


Back to the Garden


There is a Garden – a beautiful Garden

A Garden where you can go everyday

It’s there in the spirit – a pure heart is near it

A  Garden you’ll live in one day


Back to the Garden – where Jesus is waiting

He’s waiting to show you where you came to be

Waiting to be with you – waiting to walk with you

There in the cool of the day

Back to the Garden where nothing is hidden

Where all that we needed was there on a tree

A tree that turned sinfulness into salvation

Back to the Garden of Eden


So come back to the Garden – where Jesus is waiting

He’s waiting to show you where you came to be

Waiting to be with you – waiting to walk with you

There in the cool of the day

A Garden of fragrances – Aromas of promises

Aromas that lead you to words you should pray

Your heart beats are dances – your spirit romances

The songs that the Garden of fragrances plays


Back to the Garden where nothing is hidden

Where all that we needed was there on a tree

A tree that turned sinfulness into salvation

Back to the Garden of Eden








“God, You love me”











I sleep and You love me

I wake and You love me

I call and You love me

I fall and You love me

I try and You love me

I cry and You love me

I’m hopeless, You love me

I’m faithless, You love me

God, You love me

Just as I am


The Song of His Spirit (from: Dance with Me, my beloved)

“God is Spirit and those who worship Him, must worship in Spirit and in truth.”  John 4:24

We are told in 1 John 3:18 “My little children, let us not love in word or in tongue, but in deed and truth.” There are a lot of songs out there- a lot of words..  Have you ever heard or even sung these songs that talk about how you are singing, dancing or giving all you’ve got to the Lord, but when you look around, hardly anyone is dancing and some aren’t even singing. Maybe not even you – or me.“I’m guilty too.”  It’s like everyone is in their own place, even though we’re all in the same place

What is the reason for this, did you ever wonder? There is no question – it’s a heart issue. As I said, there are a lot of words, though many of those words are verbs, that require action to give them life.   There is a verse that states:

“Be doers not just hearers of the word”.   To paraphrase that: “Be doers not just talkers or singers of the word”.   James 1:22  Romans 2:13   Ezekiel 33:30-33

The day came  when I was convicted in my heart and asked myself:   “Why am I singing this, when I don’t even do it?”

I can listen to or talk about what I believe until  the Lord returns; but if I’m

not doing what I believe, how can I really say that I believe it and be speaking the truth??

It’s called: “In deed and in truth”.    If the world around us doesn’t see us in action- they just hear a lot of talk.  Why should they want to believe what we believe? Or as I like to phrase it:  As God believes. They already hear opinions from each other about what they believe or don’t believe.  They need to see proof- a life change in us that came from our salvation through Jesus. To see the living testimony of Jesus and want it for themselves. The freedom of living in the spirit. Then they and we, will have a song to sing..

A song of salvation – A song of His Spirit.

This song was composed out of the  question: “How can I sing a song to you Lord- can my words give you enough love?”  I want to sing and live a song of spirit and truth to you Lord, from a heart full of love, not just a mouth full of words.  Make my life, a song to You Lord…

“The Song of His Spirit”

How can I sing a song to you Lord

What is Your song composed of

When does the music reach Your ears

Can my voice give You enough love

To sing the song You sing for me

We would be in communion

Your  Holy Spirit song through me

Oh what a blessed union

So I will sing Your  song to You

Sung by Your  Spirit within me

Music that Glorifies Your Name

Music to let You draw near me

Songs of salvation ‑ Songs of joy

Songs of the sin that Your  Son destroyed

Songs of His light that shines on my face

Songs that are sung in Your Most Holy Place

Let Me hear music ‑ He whispered to me

The music that’s played by abiding in Me

Sing this for me ‑ for I  sing this for you

Love is the song, Jesus sings about you

Raining on me (from “All about His love”)

I woke up this morning, just thinking of You

Your love covers me, like a soft, morning dew

And it’s raining-raining from You

I thought I’d give praise with the radio on

Then I heard You say, would you sing Me a song

So I’m praising- Singing to You

You’re my hope for tomorrow- my love for today

Your love keeps on raining and all I can say is:

Rain—————– Love rain on me———–

Rain——————— All over me———–

God You Reign————and I can see

It’s Your love————-raining on me
Rain on me———rain upon me

I love your rain

Desperate for You (from the project “All about His Love”)

Desperate for You

If I’m desperate for anything – I’m desperate for You

Tried almost everything –there’s no one like You

The world is uncertain, but Jesus you’re still the same

You first loved me – that’s why I  love You

You guard my heart and guide me to You

You are my Shepherd-You keep me from wandering

So I’m desperate- I’m desperate for You

Yes I’m desperate-I’m desperate for You

Help me to never forget my first love

Let me remember Your grace is enough

Nothing I do can compare to the things You’ve done

I’m desperate – I’m desperate for You

Oh Jesus – I’m calling for You

If there’s one thing that’s certain- It’s You’ve set me free

You walk beside me and never leave me

No way I’m falling, while Your love is holding me

I still remember- when I first met You

There in your Glory- I bowed before You

My heart was aching- and You came to comfort me

So I’m desperate – I’m desperate for you

Help me to never forget my first love

Let me remember Your  grace is enough

Nothing I do can compare to the things You’ve done

I’m desperate – I’m desperate for You

Oh Jesus – I’m calling on You